Becoming a Patient

Panacea Sciences’ goal is to help women and men get healthy by addressing endocrine dysfunction issues at the root cause with a Functional Medicine approach.  We asses diet, lifestyle choices, past health history, hormone levels, and current issues to get patients to their “Hormone Sweet Spot” for optimal health.  Our approach is an alternative to conventional allopathic medicine by addressing the root cause and treating it as naturally as possible, instead of treating endocrine dysfunction symptoms with drugs and procedures.  This kind of approach is not for everyone but it’s for most if compliant with recommended treatment.

Panacea Sciences utilizes the Panacea Protocol™ to address 85% of what people go to the doctor or psychiatrist for today.  This journey of care starts with the Panacea Health Coach, formally trained in every aspect of the Panacea Protocol™ to direct you through the three phases of the Panacea Process on your journey to optimum health.

Step one:  Fill out the patient request and registration form and submit it.  

Step two:  A Panacea Health Coach will contact you to set up a 15 min complimentary consultation to assess your particular needs.

Step three:  After assessing your healthcare needs and paying for the program, your Panacea Health Coach will start you on your journey with the Panacea Protocol.

Step four:  The Panacea Health Coach will refer you to a clinically trained Panacea HRT physician for hormone prescriptions if indicated.  

Step five:  The Panacea Health Coach works closely with Panacea HRT physicians and pharmacies, and will refer you to a qualified Panacea HRT pharmacy for your hormone prescriptions.

Step six:  The Panacea Health Coach will guide you through your journey with the Panacea Process to assist you to get to your “Hormone Sweet Spot”.


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