Hormone Coach Training

We offer a Hormone Specialty Training Program for certified health coaches who want to postition themselves with a focused health coaching specialty that addresses the missing key component to total optimal health–Hormones.  We all know diet and lifestyle are not enough no matter how hard anyone tries.  What isn’t addressed in any health coach training program is how to optimize your client’s hormones with a Lifestyle Medicine rubric such as the Panacea Protocol, and how to coach your clients who are taking hormones.  Hormones are the missing link to optimal health and when you have all the tools in your arsenal to facilitate this, you will set yourself apart as a specialist who can:

  • Offer one-on-one client counseling using the Hormone Health Coaches manual and Panacea Patient Handbook
  • Host live Hormone Wellness workshops
  • Create online Hormone Wellness programs
  • Partner with medical doctors and hormone specialists
  • Lead corporate Hormone Wellness events
  • Combine the nutrition and fitness coaching you already do for a more complete program

The next Hormone Health Coach training session for certified health coaches will be in the Fall of 2017.  We are looking for trainable certified health coaches to help Panacea|HRT practitioners coach their patients through the Panacea Process onto their “Hormone Sweet Spot”

Three possible business models for hormone specialists coaches:

  • Staffed by hormone specialist office by clinicians trained in Panacea|HRT
  • Staffed by an integrative compounding pharmacy that dispenses Panacea|HRT
  • Independent coaching practice offering Panacea programs and supplements, and refers patients to Panacea|HRT specialist for Panacea|HRT.

Our hormone specialty program has a professional coaches manual walking coaches through what to say and do at each coaching visit, and a patient’s handbook that acts like a virtual coach. 

If you want more information on how you can be a Hormone Specialist Health Coach, fill out the short form below to add you to the information wait list. 

Hormone Health Coach Training Waitlist Registration

Hormone Health Coach Training Waitlist Registration



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