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Panacea Sciences offers a professional clinical preceptorship for physicians and mid-level practitioners interested in HRT training and learning how to properly optimize hormones with the Panacea Protocol.  Our HRT training program is the most advanced and complete program available. 

Preceptorship in Advanced Hormone Medicine

This HRT training program is a first hand participation program designed to teach clinicians how to restore hormones to optimal levels using the Panacea Protocol, addressing the toxic gut, and utilizing a nutrient dense whole foods diet. It is a 4-day clinical preceptorship with the co-developer of the Panacea Protocol, and 1 day of turnkey practice integration and practice building training.

Topics covered:

  • Lab results interpretation
  • How to properly prescribe and monitor an array of hormones
  • Nutritional supplementation
  • How to address the toxic gut
  • Whole foods nutrient dense diet
  • The 16 Essential Elements of the Panacea Protocol

You will have:

  1. Ability to describe and apply the Panacea Protocol
  1. First hand participation in interpretation of laboratory tests (hormones, nutrients, toxicities) and prescribing therapy for men and women based on the individual’s symptoms, examination, and lab results as regards:

                        — The full array of hormones

                        — Nutritional supplements

                        — Removal of toxicities

                        — What diet to recommend for hormone optimization

  1. Turn-key operational forms to establish a practice utilizing the “Panacea Protocol Model” including consent, H&P, progress notes. Practice model and practice building.
  1. Protocols for each aspect of the model.

Cost of the 5 day one on one HRT training is $9,995.

Please click on the button below and fill out the wait list registration form for HRT Training.  Our academic director will contact you for training dates.

HRT Training

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