Panacea|HRT is a 4th generation hormone restoration system, and the most advanced and effective hormone replacement therapy system available. We believe there is no better hormone therapy system than Panacea|HRT. It has been designed to restore hormones to reproductive levels mimicking a healthy human body’s natural physiology, and dosed intelligently to optimize a person’s overall health.

Panacea|HRT was co-formulated by a Hormone Medicine specialist and a compounding pharmacist over a ten year span working with every form of hormone replacement therapy.  Panacea|HRT works in conjunction with the Panacea Protocol and the Panacea Hormone Diet, professional Functional Hormone Medicine Lifestyle programs specifically engineered to optimize and enhance the efficacy of the hormones and weight loss.  

Panacea|HRT, the Panacea Protocol and Panacea Hormone Diet, if properly administered addresses 80-85% of the mental and physical issues men and women go to the doctor for today. It’s an intelligent first line therapy for physicians who want to get to the root of endocrine and gut dysfunction and offer a treatment program to restore mental and physical function.

If you’re a potential patient looking for a formally trained Panacea|HRT specialist and didn’t find one in our directory, fill out a contact form and a Panacea Health Coach will contact you shortly.

If you are a physician or mid-level provider wanting more information about getting clinically trained in Panacea|HRT and the Panacea Protocol, take a look at our events page for the next training summit, or fill our a contact form and a Panacea Academic Advisor will contact you shortly.


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