The Panacea Protocol is a professional Functional Hormone Medicine program that utilizes Panacea|HRT Hormone Restoration Therapy system and Panacea Medicine Co. dietary supplements, clinically designed over 20 years to restore, repair, and prevent disease.  Most people can lose about 20 pounds of fat if needed and done correctly. This program reshapes the body as it increases muscle mass and tone while the body sheds fat.  The Panacea Protocol is a hormone optimization program that clinically engineered to get patients to their “Hormone Sweet Spot*.

* The “Hormone Sweet Spot” is where the patient can’t imagine feeling any better than they do, and their blood work supports and concurs what the patient is feeling.

Optimizing hormones is a process over a period of time we call the “Panacea Process”.  The more the patient gets access to the right dose of hormones in the right way, they feel better and better as their body and brain are making progress.  There gets to be a point with Panacea|HRT where the patient feels better than they ever have, and the blood work is where is should be.  This is where we like to get and keep patients.  Find your “Hormone Sweet Spot” with the Panacea Protocol.

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