Health Coaches

The Panacea Health Coach is formally trained and certified in the Panacea Protocol™ and Panacea|HRT™ Hormone Replacement Therapy Systems.  Panacea Sciences offers speciality training for certified health coaches who want to offer the ultimate solution of the key ingredient that’s missing in every Lifestyle Medicine program and that’s proper hormone restoration.

The Panacea Protocol™ is a program that certified health coaches can use to help their clients reach their personal health and weight loss goals by addressing the root cause of why most programs fail.  The Panacea Protocol™ is engineered to allow healthy functioning ovaries to produce healthy amounts of hormones if done correctly.  The Panacea Hormone Health Coach works with formally trained Panacea|HRT™ physicians to help their patients achieve their clinical goals.  For more information on becoming a hormone specialist health coach, click on the link below to be placed on the waiting list for upcoming trainings.


Hormone Coach Training

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