Physicians and mid-level practitioners, Panacea Sciences can offer you a financially and clinically rewarding future in the specialty of Functional Hormone Medicine.  Our affiliates practice proactive, preventative healthcare to reduce, prevent, and/or eliminate diseases of the brain and body, allowing patients to take control of their mental and physical health.

We offer a simple solution for practitioners interested in learning proper hormone restoration therapy and how to incorporated it into your practice.

When you invest in furthering your professional education and clinical training in advanced hormone medicine therapies with Panacea Sciences Foundation for Hormone Medicine Research, Development & Education, you’re not only setting yourself apart as a true expert in the field of Hormone Medicine, but you’ll also be contributing to create a new healthcare paradigm and first line therapy that targets the root causes of 85% of mental and physical issues of men, women, and children.

Our goal is to educate and clinically train like-minded Integrative Health professionals who want a Lifestyle Medicine rubric designed for optimal and sustainable mental and physical hormonal health. Offering Panacea Programs to your patient base will take your practice to another level as you watch each patient get better and healthier each time you see them. This how it should be done. 

Increase your clinical HRT confidence by prescribing hormones intelligently.

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