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“Estrogen itself acts as a natural energizer to both mind and body. Women rich in estrogen tend to have a certain mental vigor that gives them confidences, a sense of mastery over their destiny, the ability to think out problems effectively, resistant to mental and physical fatigue, and emotional self-control. Their emotional reactions are proportional to the occasion. They neither over-react hysterically, nor do they trend toward apathy. They are, as a rule, capable of facing the world with a healthful relaxed attitude and therefore able to enjoy their daily life. They are seldom depressed. Irrational crying spells are virtually unknown among them. In a family situation, estrogen makes women adaptable, even-tempered, and generally easy to live with. Consequently, a woman’s estrogen carries significance beyond her own well-being. It also contributes toward the happiness of her family and all those with whom she is in daily contact.”

– Robert A. Wilson, MD, Feminine Forever, 1966

Getting your hormones balanced and keeping them balanced is within your reach if you know what to do and do what it takes.

Contacting us for our services should not be difficult. Making a lifestyle change should not be as challenging as it sometimes may seem. Contacting us can be easy, seamless and a great educational experience for you if you are looking for more information about advanced hormone therapy and the Panacea Protocol. Whether you continue the Panacea Protocol treatment, or you simply reach out to educate yourself through our resources, our team at Panacea Sciences will walk you through all of your questions. Panacea Sciences is committed to delivering the ultimate hormone therapy solutions for women everywhere.

Contacting us does not have to be difficult. At Panacea Sciences, we make it easy for anyone inquiring about advanced hormone therapy to get the education, knowledge and resources they need to impact and empower women’s lives nationwide. Whether you are a physician looking to prescribe estrogen using the Panacea protocol, or a health coach looking for a career opportunity, or you are simply a patient looking for the next step, we have you covered. 

At Panacea Sciences, our focus is on women, or the patient. We aid in assisting health coaches, physicians and prescribers, and anyone looking to learn more about the Hormone Sweet Spot ™ . The Panacea Protocol is very different amongst all other advanced hormone therapies. We go above and beyond in every way possible to make sure that we can explain exactly what your hormone therapy will look like, what we do, and of course how we can help. You will be amazed at our ability to over deliver on the expectations the results will be for you. We guide you through the process, every step of the way no matter which of our services you are inquiring about.

Patients Can Contact Panacea Sciences

For patients, we always encourage you to take the hormone sweet spot analysis. If you are considering either taking estrogen, or you’re considering any type of hormone therapy, we encourage you to take a warm, and in depth analysis because it will give you insight into your current hormone levels, and a chance to consider if the Panacea Sciences Protocol would even work for you. At Panacea Sciences, our goal is to give women their lives back. Many people think that estrogen is harmful to the body of a woman. However, most women are not getting enough estrogen and they suffer for it – both mentally and physically. Panacea Sciences is the platform ready to deliver all of the educational resources you need about the Hormone Sweet Spot ™  and our analysis so that you can get the information you need for yourself, and determine if it is time to reach out to one of our physicians, health coaches or our founder, Marie Hoäg herself, to really see how we can best serve you. 

Learn More About Health Coaching Opportunities with Panacea Sciences!

For our clients, patients, physicians, or the health coaches that we work with, we always encourage you to do your research on advanced hormone therapy. There are many myths that circulate around the subject and we are simply committed to getting the truth out there to empower women with the pre in a way, that will change their lives forever.

Working with Panacea Sciences can be as easy as you want it to be. It could be as easy as working with a health coach, and position and learning the resources and materials that are in there for there for to you.

We make it impossible for you not to have the results you need for balancing your hormones if you are a great candidate and are truly committed to the process. If you simply are looking for a physician we can get you connected to a physician. Or, if you are a physician  tr looking for advanced hormone therapy, we can help get you started on the protocol, teach you the process and help you better serve your patience.

If you are a patient looking to get the full experience you can work one on one, directly with the health coach and of the prescriber to make sure that you are facing at hormone levels that you should be, and your vitals are never affected. We make sure to give you the Ultimate Solution whether you were wanting to work with the program through a physician or a health coach to guide you through the process we have all of the solutions for you. We want to make sure that when truly making an impact on the lives of women, that we not only tell them how to do it, but we also provide the resources.

Do not feel like you have to live with anxiety, depression, or aging side effects when you simply don’t have to. There are other ways to make sure that your body is getting all of the hormones it needs to give you the life that you want. Anxiety simply does not have to be something you live with for the rest of your life. Depression is not something that Hass to be a part of your story forever. Even menopause is something that we can help you with.