About Us

Who We Are

Panacea Sciences is health sciences and biotechnology company founded in 2014 by Marie Hoäg, MBA that specializes in hormone and estrogen research, HRT development, professional education & clinical protocol training, and treatments in advanced natural hormone restoration therapies for women.

What We Do 

Panacea Sciences has three areas of focus:

Hormone Medicine Research—Our goal is to provide raw Hormone Medicine clinical patient data that shows how intelligently administered hormones affects the brain and body of women and men. Panacea Sciences' research is based on 20+ years of Hormone Medicine education, professional training, and clinical experience in a Hormone Medicine specialty clinic, working with thousands of male and female cisgender and transgender patients. It’s from this information we’re able to offer the most advanced Hormone Medicine programs, hormone restoration systems, and functional pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements.

Hormone Medicine Development—We have developed the most advanced, effective, and complete Bioidentical Hormone Restoration Therapy system and Functional Medicine (Panacea Protocol) program on the market. There is no more advanced or effective HRT system bar none. Our fourth generation hormone restoration system (Panacea|HRT) has been in clinical development for over fifteen years, addressing the clinical flaws of previous generations, and continues to get better in fifth generation development.

Hormone Medicine Education—We offer the most advanced and complete professional Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy education and clinical application training for mid-level practitioners, physicians, health coaches, and pharmacists than anyone else internationally. We take the time to give practitioners a clinical roadmap on how to get each patient to their personal "Hormone Sweet Spot"™ from what labs to order and how to interpret them, to how to intelligently administer hormones, to what to do at each appointment, to how to have a  smooth HRT speciality office integration. We offer practitioners a Practitioner's Guidebook and clinical support system with Hormone Medicine and Panacea|HRT™ specialty advisors to answer immediate patient/clinical questions, holding the hand of the clinician until they get it right. No other company offers better BHRT education and clinical application training than we do.