Current Patients

Congratulations, if you are a current patient who's been prescribed Panacea|HRT Hormone Therapy, you may be eligible for Virtual Hormone Coaching to help you get to your personal "Hormone Sweet Spot"


If you've been prescribed  Panacea|HRT Hormone Therapy, then you're in for a real treat.  Panacea|HRT™ is the most advanced customizable standardized Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy on the market.  It is like no other hormone therapy you've tried. The goal is to restore your hormones with the right hormones, in the right amounts, and in the right manner so you can get to your  personal "Hormone Sweet Spot"™ and stay there.   Panacea|HRT™ is the most clinically effective HRT system and designed to work in conjunction with a Functional Medicine program engineered to enhance the clinical efficacy of your hormones.

The Panacea Protocol

The Panacea Protocol is the Functional Medicine program specifically designed for optimal hormone function and utilization that enhances the clinical efficacy of your hormone therapy.  Taking hormones with the right diet and lifestyle matrix will make the  Panacea|HRT system work much better with greater and sustainable clinical results.

Getting To Your "Hormone Sweet Spot"

Getting to your  "Hormone Sweet Spot" is a phasic process that takes place over a period of time with specific clinical goals, and there is much to learn about how it works.  You will experience many things in each phase of the Panacea Process and understanding how it all works will allow you to get to your  personal "Hormone Sweet Spot" faster. 

Virtual Hormone Coaching

Panacea Sciences offers a Virtual Hormone Coaching Program for women who've been prescribed  Panacea|HRT Hormone Restoration Therapy dispensed from a Panacea Certified Pharmacy.  Panacea|HRT™ is the only Advanced Bioidentical Hormone Restoration System that offers coaching, a hormone handbook, and workshops to help women get their hormones balanced properly.
Once approved*, you will be able to:
  • Schedule a 20 minute complementary hormone coaching consultation to help get you started
  • Schedule a spot for the online Panacea Protocol Information Workshop and learn how it all works
  • Schedule to attend four online core workshops that covering all 16 Essential Elements of the Panacea Protocol
  • Join the exclusive Panacea Protocol Facebook support group for ongoing virtual coaching
  • Hire a clinical hormone coach to help you through the Panacea Process to your "Hormone Sweet Spot"

*To qualify for Virtual Coaching, prescribers information and pharmacy referral is required.

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