Hormone Coach Training

Are you a health coach looking for a specialty niche for your practice?

Panacea Sciences offers a Health Coaches Hormone Specialty Training Program for certified health coaches who want to position themselves as a Menstrual Health & Hormone specialty coach, and work with other Functional Hormone Medicine specialists.

We all know diet and lifestyle are not enough no matter how hard anyone tries, even health coaches. What isn't addressed in any health coach training program is how to optimize your client's hormones with a Functional Hormone Medicine rubric such as the Panacea Protocol, or how to coach your clients about optimal hormone health who are taking hormones. Hormones are the missing link to optimal health and when you have all the tools in your arsenal to facilitate this, you will set yourself apart as a specialist who can: 

  • Offer one-on-one client counseling using the Hormone Health Coaches manual and Panacea Patient Handbook
  • Host live Hormone Wellness workshops
  • Create online Hormone Wellness programs
  • Partner with medical doctors and hormone specialists
  • Lead corporate Hormone Wellness events
  • Combine the nutrition and fitness coaching you already do for a more complete program

The Panacea Protocol Functional Hormone Medicine Program™ is engineered to assist women with functioning ovaries to produce adequate amounts of hormones for healthy menstrual function, and the Panacea Hormone Health Coach can help a woman achieve this.

Coaches Who Want A Hormone Specialty

This Panacea Hormone Health Coach training program is good for certified health coaches who want to...

  • Position themselves as a certified Menstrual Health & Hormones health coach educated in advanced hormone medicine coaching
  • Be a part of a Hormone Health Team working with Hormone Medicine physicians and pharmacists to help women get to and maintain their "Hormone Sweet Spot"
  • Knowledgeably and confidently help women heal their menstrual cycles and hormone balancing issues such as PCOS, endometriosis, POF, POI, PMS, PMDD, perimenopause, menopause, and many other mental and physical conditions directly related to estrogen deficiency
  • Clinically learn how about estrogen and estrogen deficiency diseases, and what to do to help their patients with addressing their estrogen deficiency issues head on
  • Have a professional health coaches Panacea Protocol coaching manual that directs them how to coach their patients every step of the way to their "Hormone Sweet Spot".
  •  Use clinical data such as lab work to track their patients' results
  •  Learn exactly what diet, foods, and lifestyle techniques optimize menstrual health and hormone function
  •  Learn how to properly coach patients through the Panacea Process with a laid out business, marketing, and clinical coaching model

3 Possible Business Models

The Panacea Hormone Health Coach works with formally trained Panacea|HRT physicians to help their patients achieve their clinical hormone and health goals by waking patients through the Panacea Process to their "Hormone Sweet Spot".

Three possible business models for hormone specialist coaches:

  • Staffed by a Panacea certified Hormone Medicine physician’s office that prescribe Panacea|HRT
  • Staffed by a certified Panacea compounding pharmacy that dispenses Panacea|HRT
  • Independent coaching practice offering Panacea programs and supplements, that works with certified Panacea physicians who prescribe Panacea|HRT.

More Information

We will be offering our Panacea Hormone Health Coach program in the fall of 2018. If this is of interest to you, email us at info@panaceasciences.com and we'll put you on the waiting list, and one of our team members will contact you for further information.

Wait List for Advanced Hormone Coach Training