The "Hormone Sweet Spot"

What Is The "Hormone Sweet Spot"?

The "Hormone Sweet Spot"  is a clinical place of optimal hormone balancing that involve using clinical indicators and blood serum lab results as measuring tools. 

We know women of any age is in her "Hormone Sweet Spot" when she cannot imagine feeling any better than she does, and her blood serum lab results concur.  There is a specific range
"Each woman, no matter her age, has her own "Hormone Sweet Spot"™ that can be clinically obtained by practitioners who are professionally taught the clinical algorithm.

The "Hormone Sweet Spot"™ is achieved using the Panacea Protocol Hormone Optimization Program that includes an advanced HRT system, Panacea|HRT.  There is a clinical algorithm and protocol with Panacea|HRT™ that can easily be taught that allow physicians the ability to prescribe the right bioidentical hormones, dosed in the right amounts, and intelligently administered in the right manner for each patient. No other HRT system does what Panacea|HRThormones can do, and coupled with a professional Hormone Optimization Program, further enhances the clinical efficacy of Panacea|HRT.

If you're on hormones and they are not working for you, or you feel you need hormones, find a practitioner trained in Panacea|HRT™ so you can get to your personal "Hormone Sweet Spot".

How It Works

Getting to your "Hormone Sweet Spot"™ is a process over a period of time we call the "Panacea Process" that involve 3 1/2 phases.  Each phase has specific goals to help you to the sweet spot with your hormones.