Our Position

We believe...

  • We believe that most mental and physical illness is due to a dysbiotic gut and a dysfunctional endocrine system.
  • We believe most women live the majority of their lives in a state of estrogen deficiency, and have suffered mentally and physically because of it.
  • We believe women are more susceptible to the degenerative diseases of aging the lower their estrogen gets, no matter how old they are.
  • We believe in healthy, restorative, and reproductive levels of estrogen for all females of all ages.
  • We believe when women have enough estrogen, they feel alive and do not decline mentally or physically the way they would when estrogen remains too low for too long.
  • We believe the quality of a woman's menstrual cycle is a direct reflection of her overall health.
  • We believe if women have healthy functioning ovaries, there is a way to optimize their own estrogen production with clinically specific dietary and lifestyle choices.
  • It best for women to produce healthy amounts of estrogen on their own.
  • We believe not all women will be able to produce healthy levels of estrogen on their own forever and will need to extraneously supplement it at some point.
  • We believe in optimizing "menstrual health" in every woman whether she has a uterus or not.
  • We believe in optimal dosing of estrogen for women, using compounded FDA approved bioidentical hormones, administered in a manner that replicates the natural physiology of the female body.
  • We believe every woman has a "Hormone Sweet Spot".
  • We believe there is a way to teach physicians and mid-level practitioners how to get their female patients to their own "Hormone Sweet Spot".
  • We believe in estrogen in the right amounts for as long as possible for most women.