Physician Certification

What is the Intent of the Panacea Protocol Certification?

Panacea Sciences | The Art & Science of Hormone Medicine has designed an advanced female hormone optimization certification utilizing Panacea|HRT hormone restoration therapy systems to provide physicians and mid-level practitioners the education, clinical application training, and clinical support needed to get female hormones to the "Hormone Sweet Spot" with confidence.

Why is Panacea Protocol Certification Important?

  • For The Patient: More than ever women are seeking physicians who know how to prescribe the right hormones, dosed in the right amounts, and administered in the right manner by someone who knows how. There is a technique to restoring female hormones to each woman’s "Hormone Sweet Spot", and getting clinically trained and certified in the Panacea Protocol gives women confidence that her practitioner knows how to get her hormones properly and sustainably balanced.
  • For The Practitioner: Getting trained and certified in the Panacea Protocol will change your practice in a way that you will be able to confidently know how to prescribe the right hormones the right way. You will come to see the difference in clinical results and patient attrition due to the knowledge and technical skill you’ll have for a thriving hormone practice.

What are the Requirements to Become Certified?

  • Completion of online Modules 1-8 ($800)
  • Completion of the live 3 day HRT master class conference ($1500)
  • One-time certification fee ($500.00)

What Will You Receive?

Aside from the paramount female hormone therapy knowledge from the online modules and live three-day event, here are some added benefits of the certification program:

  • A large framed Certificate of Completion for the Panacea Protocol
  • Panacea Protocol Certified Seal to use on your website and other marketing material
  • Free listing for one year on the Panacea Sciences website as a practitioner who is Panacea Protocol Certified

How Do You Maintain Certification?

Ongoing education is vitally important to providing the very best in advanced female hormone therapies. We recommend signing up for our monthly practitioner membership program for courses and ongoing education and training.   We also recommend attending at least one live course offered through Panacea Sciences per calendar year to keep your certification current and to remain up-to-date with relevant research and quality clinical application training. 

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must hold a current healthcare license in good standing
  • Must have graduated from an accredited medical, osteopathic, physician assistant, nursing or naturopathic program
  • Graduate of A4M or IFM


For more information on our certification program, email us at or call us at 530-809-1500.