Become A Panacea Pharmacy

The Problem

Women are going to their doctors asking for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) but most doctors don't know how to intelligently administer bioidentical hormones or know exactly what kind to prescribe, so they contact the compounding pharmacist for direction.

The Solution

An advanced Bioidentical Hormone Restoration Therapy (Panacea|HRT) system and complementary Lifestyle Medicine program (Panacea Protocol) designed to get hormones to a woman's "Hormone Sweet Spot" and sustain them there, with education, training, and clinical guideline handbooks for the patient and clinician. 

Find Out More

Panacea Sciences is looking for specialty compounding pharmacies in North America and Europe to dispense Panacea|HRT Hormone Restoration Therapy Systems.  Become part of the bioidentical HRT solution and offer like minded clinicians the most advanced hormone restoration system in the world.  We offer formal pharmacy staff training and dispensing guidebook.  We will teach you how to educate, train, and direct your HRT prescribers so they will have clinical success, and patients will get to their  "Hormone Sweet Spot".  If you're a pharmacist who wants more information how to dispense and offer Panacea|HRT out of your pharmacy, email your information to