Physician HRT Training

Panacea Sciences offers a professional clinical application training certification for physicians and mid-level practitioners interested learning how to intelligently administer and properly optimize hormones with Panacea|HRT and the Panacea Protocol.  Our training program is the most advanced and complete hormone restoration program available.

What is the Intent of the PHRT Certification?

Panacea Sciences has designed the Panacea|HRT (PHRT) Certification to provide physicians and mid-level practitioners with the education, clinical application training, and confidence needed to intelligently administer Hormone Restoration Therapy for optimal and sustainable clinical results.

Why is HRT Certification Important?

The demand for knowledgeable advanced HRT practitioners continues to grow as the word gets out that hormones aren’t bad for you. It also continues to grow as most women find out the HRT system they’re on doesn’t work anymore, and are in search for a doctor who has advanced specialized HRT training. As this demand for Hormone Restoration Therapy grows, so does the demand for high-quality programs and education outside the realm of standard board certifications.

Patients are taking advantage of hormone health information online and have become more knowledgeable about hormones and HRT. They are more educated and proactive in their hormone healthcare choices and want a doctor with good advacned HRT clinical training who knows how to optimize their hormones and maintain them there.

The PHRT Certification program provides assurance that physicians and mid-level practitioners have developed high levels of clinical competency through classroom instruction, clinical application instruction, case study review, examination process, and continuing medical education.

What You Will Learn

  • How to clinically apply Panacea|HRT techniques in your practice
  • How to properly prescribe and order an array of hormones
  • How to intelligently administer Panacea|HRT to your patients
  • What labs to order, when to order them, how to interpret them, and how use them as a tool for clinical Panacea|HRT prescribing
  • How to determine your patients’ "Hormone Sweet Spot"
  • The process to get your patients to their "Hormone Sweet Spot" and keep them there
  • What foods and lifestyle choices to recommend to support Panacea|HRT
  • How to address the toxic gut for optimal hormone balancing
  • How to order the right hormones, in the right amounts, and administer them in the right manner for optimal hormone dosing
  • How to use a trained Hormone Coach to assist your patients get to their "Hormone Sweet Spot"
  • The 16 Essential Elements of the Panacea Protocol