Panacea Sciences has carefully developed products that are clinically engineered for optimal performance and effectiveness that are designed to work in conjunction with each other.
      • The Panacea Protocol—is a professional Functional Hormone Medicine program designed for optimal hormone restoration and healthy menstrual cycle function in women, and hormone homeostasis for men.
      • The Panacea Hormone Diet—is a professional Hormone Replacement Therapy program designed for optimal hormone restoration, fat loss and body sculpting, and healthy menstrual cycle function in women, and fat loss for men.
      • Panacea|HRT—is an advanced 4th generation compounded bioidentical hormone restoration therapy system (HRT) clinically formulated to get hormone levels into the "Hormone Sweet Spot" for most women when used with the The Panacea Protocol.
      •  Panacea Medicine Co.—is a pharmaceutical grade nutrition supplement line that works with The Panacea Protocol and Panacea|HRT for optimal clinical efficacy.