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Healthy Hormones for Every Life Stage

We know that women just don't feel good mentally or physically no matter how old they are if their hormones are not in sound homeostasis in the "Hormone Sweet Spot".   The Panacea Protocol and Panacea|HRT is ideal for women in any stage of her life with the goal of establishing and maintaining optimal health and hormone homeostasis.  When a woman is able to obtain and maintain a natural  "Hormone Sweet Spot", her brain and body do not fall apart like it does when hormones are kept too low for too long.  Panacea practitioners are trained to address each stage of a woman's life to allow her hormones to get to and remain in her  "Hormone Sweet Spot".

Millennial—age range of 16-25

We found the millennial, gender neutral generation to be riddled with mental, physical, and endocrine disorders for many reasons.  These young ladies are typically put on a cocktail of anti-depressants and birth control pills that shut down ovarian production even further making matters worse.  They tend to have severe menstrual, gut, and mood conditions as they were not born healthy then got sick, they are born with endocrine dysfunction and gut dysbiosis from the start, and most will never be able to produce healthy amounts of estrogen on their own no matter how hard they try to eat right and exercise.  It is not uncommon to see severe mood and menstrual disorders like PCOS, menstrual migraines, severe depression, anxiety, weight gain, endometriosis, PMS, and PMDD in this generation. Our goal for this "Millennial" young lady is to get her ovaries to produce healthy amounts of estrogen to change brain and body function with the Panacea Protocol, and if she isn't able to produce enough estrogen on her own, then optimize and stabilize hormones with and advanced and effective professional hormone restoration system like Panacea|HRT.

Reproductive—age range of 25-35

We found more and more women in this age range who are supposed to be in their hormonal reproductive prime are having a difficult time reproducing, or have horrible menstrual cycles because of low hormone levels, or have been put on birth control pills and anti-depressants to manage their symptoms of estrogen deficiency, and/or hold off on child bearing until later.  A great way for this "Reproductive" life staged woman to feel good mentally and physically is increase her own ovarian output of estrogen to optimal levels with the Panacea Protocol.

Perimenopause—age range of 35 to 45

The climacteric, perimenopause, is the reproductive stage where hormones naturally begin the declining process until no more estrogen is produced that shuts down menstruation into menopause.  We found women in this life stage, whether they've had children or not, experience the rude awakening of perimenopause, hormonal (estrogen) decline, and all the mental and physical issues the accompany it.  The goal with the Panacea Protocol™ is to keep perimenopausal women's hormones in a state of reproductive hormone homeostasis so they don't have to experience the mental and physical decline and the menopause estrogen deficiency brings.  It's better to maintain healthy hormone homeostasis than to restore it after hormones have declined.

Menopause—age range of 45-60

We found women in this stage of life are not very happy and have thrown in the towel with fighting to feel good mentally and physically. Menopause is the last stage of the climacteric when estrogen gets so low that the menstrual cycle ceases. The goal of the is to restore hormones to reproductive, optimal levels to reverse/prevent this decline so women aren't losing their minds and bodies from estrogen deficiency.

Post Menopause—age 60+

We found women who've been estrogen deficient so long that they surrender to mentally and physically feeling numb and detached.  The goal is to restore hormones to healthy levels that allow a maturing woman to maintain her wits, brain, and body so she can feel good again and be much softer and easier to be around again.



No matter what life stage you are, there's no reason to remain in a state of estrogen deficiency.  Your brain and body need healthy amounts of estrogen to feel good mentally and physically.  Find yourself a certified Panacea practitioner who can put you on the Panacea Protocol Functional Hormone Medicine Program and help you get to and maintain your own "Hormone Sweet Spot".