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Helping women balance their hormones to the Hormone Sweet Spot ™. To get an effective and sustainable hormone balancing – it all starts with a free webinar.

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The Hormone Sweet Spot

The Hormone Sweet Spot™ is a place of true hormone balance; a mental and physical sense of well-being where a woman cannot imagine feeling any better than she does, and her lab work concurs with how she feels.

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The Panacea Protocol Difference

We use advanced female hormone therapies that allow women to effectively and sustainably get their hormones balanced to their Hormone Sweet Spot ™.

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Estrogen itself acts as a natural energizer to both mind and body. Women rich in estrogen tend to have a certain mental vigor that gives them confidences, a sense of mastery over their destiny, the ability to think out problems effectively, resistant to mental and physical fatigue, and emotional self-control. Their emotional reactions are proportional to the occasion. They neither over-react hysterically, nor do they trend toward apathy. They are, as a rule, capable of facing the world with a healthful relaxed attitude and therefore able to enjoy their daily life. They are seldom depressed. Irrational crying spells are virtually unknown among them. In a family situation, estrogen makes women adaptable, even-tempered, and generally easy to live with. Consequently, a woman’s estrogen carries significance beyond her own well-being. It also contributes toward the happiness of her family and all those with whom she is in daily contact.


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